DHA – Home Time

We are not having much luck with the airlines this trip: we arrived at the airport to find that our flight has been delayed by 2 hours.  After a pretty decent meal (paid for by the airline by way of saying sorry), we are now sitting in the airport with Adam and Wojtek.  Not a bad airport, if you’re planning to wait ages…

We had a very relaxed day, with usual post-competition hugs and farewells.  Mats and Mike then very kindly drove us from Rättvik to Stockholm (about 4 hours), including a short stop in Gävle, an old port town where Claire’s great-great-grandfather was born and lived until a great fire destroyed most of the town and orphaned him, at which point he joined a ship and ended up living in Sunderland.

I passed part of the journey reading road signs.  I find Swedish oddly easy to read (much of it is basically German and English written oddly) but almost impossible to understand a word of when spoken.  My favourite moment was spotting a sign to the town of Västerås.  I have picked up enough Swedish pronunciation to work out that this is pronounced “Westeros” (if you don’t watch (and haven’t read) Game of Thrones then you won’t understand this.  Also, you should definitely read and watch it.  But don’t get too attached to any of the characters: the author is a borderline psychopath who delights in killing people just as you get to like them…

I’m not looking forward to the late drive home, except for the fact that it will be the first time I’ve seen darkness for a week: while the sun did dip below the horizon in Rättvik it never actually got properly dark (for those who don’t know, Rättvik is at 60° 53′ North, about level with the southern point of Greenland).

I shall leave you with a few pictures.  This has been a wonderful week that has refreshed my love of horseback archery (saying nothing against the other trips I’ve made, but this had a lovely relaxed atmosphere and is a quite unique experience).  I would like to say a big thank you to Mats and Ylwa and all the helpers who made this an unforgettable week.  I shall certainly be going back.  And I’m reserving the splendid Barcos Fancy Cat as my horse again!










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