DHA Competition Day – Part 2

The DHA Hunt Cup is over, and what a blast it has been!  Three runs (1 practice and 2 competing) over the 1km course, with 12 targets to shoot at if you can remember to do so and are not too busy just having fun.  I missed one target for exactly that reason and another couple because my boss and I were discussing which of the two paths to take at particular junctions.  Don’t care, having too much fun.

The weather stayed beautiful for almost the entire day, with the cloudburst starting just as the final competitor (Adam) was out on the track.  It’s not clear and we are getting ready for the midsummer feast.

I’m sure that full results will be available on the DHA Facebook page or on bydha.se very soon, but the one I can remember are:
1. Wojtek Osieki
2. Emil Eriksson
3. Joachim Büchau
4. Frida  Möllerberg (13 years old and this good already!)
5. Me 🙂
6. Claire (might be some time before I hear the end of this)
7. Terese Nilsson
Places 3 to 6 were very close (possibly 7 as well, I’m not sure), with no more than a couple of points between us.

Photos and video will follow when I find the SD adaptor for my tablet.  I also did my first run with a Strava running, so should be able to show speeds, GPS information and my heart rate, which peaked at 179 beats per minute, somewhat faster than my average when cycling and only 4 bpm slower than on my hot 5km run the other day!

This has been a terrific competition, to which I shall definitely come back.  And now we party…

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