DHA Day 3 – Part 2

Rest day today!  We are supposed to be riding out to the hunt track but it’s tipping it down with rain so we are chilling out at home.  I’m taking the opportunity to fletch a few more arrows and (obviously) update the blog.

Yesterday’s trip to the Viking long house was fascinating: a local man and his family built it to the traditional model, using no nails.  Set deep in the pine forest by the lake, it’s a stunning place.  While there we also tasted water from the freshwater spring and player a couple of Viking games.  The first involved a horn with a ring tied to the bottom, the aim being to their the ring up and catch it on the horn, as demonstrated by this authentic Viking chief: 


The second, which led to a certain amount of hilarity, involves stabbing a small metal spike into a tree trunk and then trying to knock it out using a stick held between the legs, while keeping your feet flat on the ground.  Like this:


Or using a sword, like this:


But not like this:


Then came the Midsummer Night’s Dream shoot: a 350m square track with 7 targets, including a long shot, an offside and two each forward and back.  The eighth target did not count for points but won you a box of chocolates if you hit it.  Which Claire did.  There’s prioritising.


My horse, Barcos Fancy Cat (two-time winner of the DHA Hunt Cup) was running preposterously fast (quarter-horse…) for Wojtek, with whom I am sharing him.  I always get nervous before this type of track but by the end I was enjoying it immensely and an now looking forward to the real thing tomorrow. 

And now, back to the fletching…

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