DHA Day 3 – part 1

Just a quick post at this stage, it being 0130 and technically bedtime.  Today we had free practice on the Hungarian track before a lovely visit to a Viking longhouse in the afternoon.  This evening was the midsummer competition, which was run as a Swedish field track (like a Polish track but forming a circle around a field).  We finished at about midnight.  On any other day this would have been fine, but today it was very murky anyway so the last groups suffered a bit.  Still pretty light though!

I personally struggled with the speed of my horse but am happy with the way it went.  Claire came fourth but was the only person to you the bonus target: a box of chocolate on a stand.  She therefore won a box of chocolates!  Adam came for with his usual inimitable banzai run, somehow hitting the targets as they flash past.  The top two were separated by less than a point, with Emil Eriksson again demonstrating why he is, to my mind, the best in the world at this type of track, pipping Wojtek into second place.

Tomorrow we walk the DHA Hunt Track.  And I may post something a bit fuller…


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