DHA Hunt Cup Day 2

It turns out that NowTV, the service by which we were going to watch Game of Thrones, is UK only, so we couldn’t watch the season finale.  I am not trying to shield Claire from Facebook spoilers (I’ve read the books, so I know about the big shock this episode).  She reads this so no comments here either!

Last night was spent companionably fletching arrows around a camp fire while we waited for our bows to arrive, which they did at 2330.  All present and correct!  In the meantime we had prepared an experiment in arrow design and impact damage, on which more tomorrow…


Claire passed the time by riding Jeenial, Ylwa’s horse, bareback with just a neck strap.  She seemed to enjoy it…



This morning we had 4 hours of riding, with the emphasis on balance and connection with the horse.  This included cantering while holding a cup of water (which gets harder if your horse is scared of the water drops), throwing an apple up and down while riding and finally cantering along while reading from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (which is easier if you know the book like I do!  Probably harder if English isn’t your first language or if, like one poor person, you didn’t put your glasses on!).

We followed that up with a session on the Hungarian track.  My horse was a bit quick so I spent most of the time working on speed target than shooting, but when I did shoot the feedback was very helpful.

After another excellent lunch I went for another run (4.7km in 23 minutes: the 10km required for September’s triathlon keeps edging closer) and now I’m going to go and watch the second group.  Later we apparently have some games.  Our hosts are away and have left Emil on charge.  This could be interesting…



1 thought on “DHA Hunt Cup Day 2

  1. Love those photos 🙂 Sounds like our sort of training! BTW, there are a couple of other things that happened in the GOT finale that AREN’T in the books, so shield yourself from spoilers too 😉

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