Horses v Zebras

There is a common saying in medicine: common illnesses are common.  What it means is that when a patient presents for diagnosis, you should start by considering whether he has manflu before testing for birdflu, Ebola or any other exotic and relatively rare disease.  The concept was wonderfully expressed by Dr Cox in the TV show Scrubs: “if you hear hoofbeats, you go ahead and think ‘horseys’, not ‘zebras'”.

So why am I writing about this, other than to take the opportunity to say how awesome Dr Cox and Scrubs are?

Well, today I went to the woods for my first training for over a week, following back problems.  Every arrow was going low.  I tried everything: check I’m coming to full draw; check I’m keeping the bow arm raised; check I’m focusing on the target…  Then, finally, I noticed that my nock point had slipped up the string and the arrow was a good 3\4″ too high.  Quick adjustment (temporary fix using tape on the string), problem solved.

Horsey, not zebra.  Check your equipment.

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