Overnight rain meant that the Polish track was not safe this morning and so my group began the day doing the Korean event.  My horse was not in enthusiastic mood and the combination of stomach cramps, no breakfast (because of the stomach cramps: breakfast was available but I skipped it) and having to kick my horse along the whole way meant that I shot pretty poorly.  At least I hit on every run but only one on each run of double and then 14 out of 15 on the serial shot.  Even when my shooting improved (thanks largely to the genuinely helpful advice from Lukas Novotny in the crowd, reminding me to come to full draw) I missed out on bonus points through not getting across the line in time.  I finally managed it in my last run, by which time I was just about ready to collapse.

After am ill-advised lunch I spent the afternoon in both bed and pain, to such an extent that I withdrew from the Hail of Arrows event in the afternoon.  About 10 minutes later I manned the f*@£ up and decided that if I could walk to the start line then I could ride.  This I proceeded to do, just in time to get caught in a prodigious rainstorm that led to the cancellation of the event half way through (and before I had even saddled my horse).  Back to bed!

No dinner for me tonight, just a quiet chat with friends over a swig or five of palinka (the local spirit – think gasoline with added alcohol).  I’m drinking coke, of course…

Tomorrow we will try the Hail of Arrows again, after which it will be time to pack up and leave.  Sorry though I’ll be to leave my friend for what could be years in some cases (I haven’t seen some of these people for over 2 years), I am also ready to go home and see Claire and the boys.  It’s been a great could of weeks but reality calls.  Next post probably from good old Blighty!




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