Last night was pretty horrible so for the rest of the day I opted for nothing to eat whatsoever.  I spent a leisurely morning watching the Polish track, culminating in an excellent run from Ana Sokólska, complete with offside jarmaki shot, turning to grin at the crowd between targets and even taking time out to answer Serena’s shout of “hey babe!”.  They’ve been exchanging this being about one a minute since we got here.  I have had to correct Serena’s assertion that “this never gets old”…


My group, including all three Brits and some other friends, did our Hungarian event this afternoon.  I shot OK in the circumstances but nothing like as well as I can.  My horse will consistently run 90m in 13.5s if kicked the whole way.  Best shoot accurately for the rest of the competition, really!

I spent the rest of the afternoon taking photos on Oisin’s SLR.  Loving the panning shots:


Others weren’t working quite so hard.

I’ve now braved a spot of dinner and some palinka – Hungarian home-made alcohol that, appropriately enough, was given to us in a bottle labeled “ethanol”.  I had lots of other things to say, but I’ve quite forgotten them! 

Tomorrow I have the very challenging Polish track first thing, followed by the Korean in the afternoon.  Should be another fun day!

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