OK, so I’ve missed a couple of days and never explained what happened with the judging of Emil’s runs at the valley.  This is my holiday and if I don’t want to blog then I don’t have to…

I shall fill in the gap in due course, as I’ve had a couple of very interesting days, but not now.  I’m now at HUNOCHA, sitting outside the bar after a very fine goulash soup dinner.  This morning’s riding session was very productive and I have a very sweet mare who runs at a lovely pace without much encouragement.  Even better, she is happy (as is her owner) to let me use my new saddle.  Photos will follow tomorrow, as it looks very smart, particularly with the GB patches on the saddle pad.

This afternoon’s ride was cancelled as a fairly spectacular thunderstorm was creeping closer.  A few hardy (or foolish) souls shot on in the rain (until the lightning got a bit too close for comfort) but after that it seemed foolish not to sample the local beer, especially when I discovered that one of them is Hofbräu from Munich.  That was at around 4pm.  It’s now nearly 9, so don’t expect any deep analysis or philosophy right now.  What you can expect is a photo. This is kinda how things are around here.


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