Sweden Day 2

I am sitting here having eaten slightly too much of the excellent salad for dinner (saying nothing of the 3 or 4 kebab skewers, few dozen potatoes and 5 marshmallows – mmmm, barbecue…) and

I got that far before Maria came out carrying a traditional Swedish meringue-like dessert and strawberries.  Life just isn’t fair.

Anyway, now I’m really weird she, so let me tell you about today.  This morning we did the Hungarian style and GB once again pulled ahead of Sweden, by a comfortable margin.  Not as comfortable as Poland’s winning margin, of course, but that is to be expected.  On a personal note, I was very happy to finish third in the Hungarian, beaten only by Wojtek and Michal (Piasek) from Poland. 

In the afternoon we finished the Turkish style and Claire carried on the GB run of making every pick up.  Unfortunately Adam missed a couple, but made up for it with some fast riding (somehow any horse he did on well run 2s faster than for anybody else!) and a nice hit on the rotating target.  In the end GB again breast Sweden and only missed out on first place by 10 points, the closest anybody has come to the Poles all competition.

All of this was done in blazing sunshine, leading to sun interesting tan lines to come, I suspect.  Afterwards I had my first wash off the weekend, using a bucket of water fresh from the well.  Chilly at the time but wonderfully refreshing…  We have now set out the 500m Swedish field course, which is basically the same as a Polish course: long course with a variety of different shots.  We will do that tomorrow, trying to finish in time to make it to the airport in time for our flight!  I have my doubts about persuading my horse to canter the whole way.  Claire is swapping horses for this event, to accommodate another competitor who is having some trouble with her horse (and Claire is generally recognised to be one of the better riders around, able to cope with just about anything).

There may not be a post tomorrow, as I suspect we may be rushing to get to the airport.  If not then final results will follow in a day or two.  It’s feeling quite weird that I’m in court in 36 hours’ time, with a day’s competition in the meantime!


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