European Grand Prix Stage 2: Sweden. Day 1.

The second stage of three European Grand Prix is underway!  Claire and I left or house at 0430 yesterday (thank you to Claire’s parents for coming over that early to babysit so we could catch the early flight!).  We meet Chris and Adam at Copenhagen and then took the bus and train to get to Anders’ farm, where we have been made extremely welcome and are being beautifully looked after.
I won’t go into the details of the Grand Prix, as I have done so before.  Nor will I be posting much today, on account of being knackered!  Yesterday we tried our horses in the pouring rain but today the weather has been fine while we did the Korean event and then the first two groups did the Turkish style.  This consists of picking up a blunt arrow that is held upright on the track, then shot that arrow at the qabaq before drawing another blunt to shoot a small revolving target.  This is a terrifically fun event.  Bloody difficult (unless you’re Michal Piasek: he makes it look ridiculously easy).
The team scores haven’t been announced but as we stand it’s definitely Poland winning (again) and Finland 4th (Tero is doing very well but on his own even he can’t beat a team of 4!).  GB v Sweden is too close to call for 2nd/3rd.  Details to follow.  After dinner…

Korean results:
1: Poland
2: Sweden
3: GB
4: Finland

Including the site from Poland, GB and Sweden are tied for second on 70 points each, with Poland on 100 and Finland 10.

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