Grunwald Competition Day 2

Just a quick update today, on account of being knackered!  We did the Hungarian course, doing it Kassai style (99m, 9 runs, no zones, shoot any target from anywhere) but without the rotating target.  I was fairly happy with my 65 points, although my forward shot needs a lot of work.  I was getting the quick nocking working very well though.  Then Claire shot the best Hungarian of her life, ending with 74 (8th place overall).  An emphatic personal best 35 from Oisin left Adam with the task of keeping within 40 points of Emil to secure second page for GB.  Adam shot 72, an excellent score that is by far his best shooting that I have seen.  This was well within 40 of Emil, meaning that GB again came second to Poland.
After the competition we had a fascinating lecture from Ali Goorchian about horseback archery in Iran, followed by archery battles using soft-tipped arrows and paintball masks.  In hindsight, shooting Claire twice in one game was probably not my best move…
Tomorrow we have the Polish hunt track, a twisting 300m track with 8 targets in various places, requiring two riding skill as well as good shooting. 
Everything else remains as good as ever, with fine company and the ever-present exchange of ideas.  All 4 British archers are now spring custom made thumbrings, which none of us was brave enough to use in the Hungarian!  I’ll be using mine tomorrow though. 
And so to bed 🙂


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