Grunwald Training Day

What a terrific day!  I always love the first day of an international.  There are always old friends to see again and new ones to meet for the first time.  It has been lovely today, having time to sit and chat to so many wonderful people in what is a fabulous place.

A little background: Grunwald is the site of a famous battle hundreds of years ago.  This I knew.  What I didn’t realise is that the track is actually on the battlefield, about 100m from the visitor centre/museum.  It’s a lovely facility nestled away in the countryside and made all the better today by glorious sunshine.

This morning we spent an hour or so meeting people, followed by some ground archery and then horse selection.  Mine is a little Polish pony, a little slower than I’m used to buy very smooth and well behaved.  The rules here in Poland are, I think, well balanced enough that the slow horse should not be a disadvantage.  While they do not use the IHAA limit on the number of points available for speed, there are more bonus points available for hitting all targets than in the IHAA rules and if you don’t hit 3 out of 5 on the 5 shot then you score zero.  The same whole of you don’t hit 2 out of 3 on the triple (we are doing two runs each of double, triple and 5 shot).

After the practice there was time to relax for a bit, followed by an impromptu archery battle using 20lb boys and sponge-topped arrows, wearing paintball masks.  This was extremely excellent and everybody should try it!


As ever, there is a constant exchange of information and ideas.  I have learned a couple of new ways of nocking and also learned a bit about thumbring technique from a guy who makes them.  Mine is on order and should be made tomorrow :).  That’s one of the wonderful things about these events: everybody wants to advance the sport and help each other.  Who wins I’d barely a consideration until you are actually on the horse and nobody wants to win by having others do badly.  The amount of impromptu teaching that goes on is a joy to see.

And now it’s bedtime, ready for an early start tomorrow.  Straight shooting, everybody, and I shall write again tomorrow.

1 thought on “Grunwald Training Day

  1. Thanks to my mother, who has pointed out that battles with 20lb boys would possibly count as child cruelty. 20lb bows have been suggested as an alternative. Well spotted, mother.

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