Last Day in Korea

This is probably my last post from Korea, although I intend to write more about it in due course one I’m home. Today has been another day like yesterday: strolling around this wonderful city, admiring the merging of old and new architecture, the stunning views and more excellent museums. If any of my readers ever come to Korea then I highly recommend a day or three in Seoul. Today we visited a hanok village (old traditional houses moved to a quiet location in what is basically a really peaceful park) and then walled across town to the Seoul history museum, on the good advice of Andrew Salmon, our tour guide from the Imjin.  Best fact learned today is that the traditional Korean houses seem to have been deliberately built in the shape of letters of the Korean alphabet.  Worst fact is that no matter how you search, Seoul is, like Sokcho, utterly devoid of both postcards and post boxes. Apologies to those who deserve and doubtless expected a postcard. We really have been looking!

We’re now back in the hotel after an early dinner of chicken galbi, which is basically chicken, cabbage and other veg that is marinated and then cooked on a gas burner at your table. And very nice it was too, quite apart from rounding the holiday off nicely, since it is the same as we had on our first night in Sokcho two weeks ago, as well as two years ago.

That’s about it from me for this trip. As I said, I intend to write more about Korea later by way of comment, but tomorrow morning is just get up and go so no more travel log until my next trip.  Many thanks to those who have read and commented on what I’ve written. Keeping the blog has helped me to order my thoughts and clear my head each day and if anybody has enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoy reading about other people’s trips then that’s an added bonus. 

And so to bed.  ‘Night all.

2 thoughts on “Last Day in Korea

  1. Ah dakgalbi! Sounds like you had a good time in korea overall. Travel safely and hope to share a cast-iron caldronful of spicy marinated chicken with you and Claire in the future.

    Your ever-sleep deprived friend at her carrel on a friday night

    P.s. I really enjoy reading your posts 🙂

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