The End

I’m writing this as we move through the closing ceremony here in Korea.  It’s been a fabulous week of riding, shooting and having an all round great time with good friends old and new. The competition itself has threatened to dissolve into farce on an alarming number of occasions through a combination of bad organisation, impromptu rule changes and other causes, but I shall write about that at more length in a week or two, once I have had the opportunity to collect my thoughts and discuss it with some other people. The important thing is that we have all had fun.  And Scouse would like me to mention how awesome he is, which I have scandalously failed to mention so far (everyone agrees… He is awesome).

Masahee is great fun and we are definitely going to import it, albeit in a varied form. Trey and Kat and I have started discussing possible rules. Several exciting new developments have begun here and in some countries I think this championships may be remembered as a crucial point in the development of international horseback archery.

The traditional dancing and music seem to have finished so I’m going to sign off now.  Time for the awards.  No, as I wrote that we were told it’s going to be another 10 minutes. Which apparently make it time for crazy photos. Just as well, since it’s rapidly becoming too dark…

20 of minutes later, we’re starting awards. And then soju…

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