Game Day

The opening ceremony is over and in a little under an hour we start the World Championships.  I feel deeply honoured to have been presented with a medal and plaque for my contribution to world horseback archery, putting me in the company of such illustrious people as Holm Neumann and Michael Sanczenko.  Claire rode in the ceremony carrying the Union Flag and managed to keep the 3 year old colt calm throughout, which was an achievement in itself.

The ceremony also included a tae kwon do demonstration from the university team. Dammed impressive stuff, which included a guy throwing two apples into the air and then doing a perfect back flip and kicking both apples to pieces as he flipped. Horseback archery seems a little tame in comparison…

Photos will follow in due course, especially since our team photographer/doctor/mascot/flag waver has now arrived. Good to see Scouse again and his presence is really helping to keep the mood light and stop me worrying.

Game time…

1 thought on “Game Day

  1. Congratulations on the award Dan! Great pictures of you and Claire. Good luck in the competition, looking forward to reading more on your blog! -Alex

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