Thursday Evening

There is a theory that states that soju does not give you a hangover. Being good scientists, Trey, Mike, Katrina and I (they may be mere colonials but they were game for a little science anyway) decided to test this theory to destruction.

It’s now nearly midnight, which is awfully late for this competition. I’ve had an awful lot of soju and we have, by careful scientific analysis, discovered the following:
1. My war arrow is bigger than anyone else’s;
2. Mike hasn’t paid for meat in 15 years;
3. both America and Australia would be far better off if they would just accept that the they were wrong and apply for readmission to the British empire;
4. neither Americans nor Australians know what’s best for them.
5. soju is great.
6. so is kimchi.

Having made this valuable contribution to scientific knowledge, I’m going to bed.

This is Claire now. I apologise for my inebriated husband. I just hope that the 4 drunkards don’t fall off their horses at qabaq practice tomorrow morning…


The above is reproduced as written at about midnight after one or two sojus.  And some tequila. and maybe a beer. Top level athletes, us.

This morning we will be doing qabaq training, shooting blunt arrows straight upwards while twisting in the saddle. I shall try to get some pictures to post later.

And, for the record, it appears that soju really doesn’t give you a hangover…

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