Training Starts – Korea Day 2

Apologies for the late posting: today we have moved from the hotel with WiFi in the lobby to the hotel without WiFi, so I am writing in the hotel and we’ll upload it when we return to the centre in the morning.

This morning we gathered our things and moved to the Hwarang-do centre, where the championships are held. There we meet our friend who had already arrived and immediately started trying horses. I am sharing a lovely chestnut mare with Trey Schlichting and Mike Sabo. This has the added advantage that they are both much better riders than I am and will make sure the horse is running nicely 🙂 Claire is torn between a nice but unpredictable 3 year old colt and the horse she rode 2 years ago. 


Today was then characterised by a decent amount of riding, some ground archery and (for me at least) fletching arrows.  All was rounded off by an excellent Korean meal in the hotel. It feels rather later than 8.30pm, especially after quite a bit of soju, the local rice whiskey. Last time only one or two of us drank it but tonight the Texans and the Australian seemed to have endless supplies…


Tomorrow is scheduled to be more of the same, with the addition of shooting from horseback and the arrival of the Mongolians, the Poles and my friend Emil from Sweden, whose presence is an added bonus since he only signed up last week. We have an excellent group of people this year, both in terms of their sorting and from a social point of view. The dinner conversation ranged from the history of the kings of Britain to the relevance of Bernoulli’s theories of fluid dynamics to modern acrobatic aviation.

It’s going to be a good week.

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