Adventures With Swimming Pools – Year 2

I don’t believe this.  Those who followed my blog from Jordan last May might remember that every time I tried to go swimming somebody arrived and told me that the pool was shut.  This morning Claire and I got up at 6am to go to the outdoor spa, where we spent several happy hours at the same time of day last time we were here.  Strangely, the water in the first couple of pools was no better than luke warm.  Then somebody came and told us that while the swimming pool open at 6am, the spa doesn’t open until 9am.  Which is the same time as the bus to the centre.  We were not thrilled.

To give them their due, the hotel immediately refunded the admission money when I explained that we had only wanted to use the spa, which opens at 6am on Friday and Saturday.  Saturday is the first day of competition but hopefully we’ll be able to get to the spa on Friday morning.  In the meantime, I appear to have an hour and a half to kill before breakfast.  Time to admire the view from the balcony…


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