Korea 2013 – Day 1

Yes, Asiana Airlines serve Korean food on the flight!  Luckily for Claire, whose passion for kimchi is bafflingly low, they also serve Western food.  For me, the big bowl of bibimbap (spiced beef mince, finely sliced veg, rice, sesame oil and kuchujang – a distinctive Korean chilli paste) with egg strips and kimchi set me up perfectly for the flight, which was delayed in take off and landing, making it rather closer to 12 hours than 11.  As usual, I was unable to sleep.  This did mean that I had time to watch The Perks of Being a Wallflower) which would have been excellent even had it not included Emma Watson in Rocky Horror gear) and Iron Man 3 (as with the previous two films, decent enough but not a patch on Avengers Assemble).


My memories of Incheon from two years ago were of overwhelming heat and humidity (it was August last time).  This time it was very pleasant and a nice easy coach ride took us to Seoul.  Unfortunately the next two coaches to Sokcho were booked up so we spent 2 hours sitting in the bus station and eventually arrived in Sokcho sometime after midnight in pouring rain.

We’ve now had a very fine breakfast (it turns out that bacon, eggs, hash browns and kimchi does work) and are chilling out in the hotel.  Our original plan had been to visit the Seorak-San national park but it’s still raining so I think we will probably have a relaxing day (I still have a load of arrows to fletch as well) and try Seorak-San after the Championships. 

Tomorrow we head over to the Hwarang-do Experience Complex, where the Championships are held.  I’m really looking forward to seeing old friends again and, in the bizarre Facebook world of horseback archery, meeting some old friends for the first time face-to-face.  In the meantime, I’m going to sneak out of the room to use the lobby’s wi-fi without waking Claire…

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