A Street Corner in Sokcho


This is picture I took on my walk to the local shop a few minutes ago.  It shows a street corner that I remember well from two years ago as being one of the many things I love about Korea. 

We are in a not terribly upmarket area in Sokcho, which is predominantly a fishing town.  Where we are there’s a main road running past small shops, apartment blocks that could use a lick of paint and a few hotels (plus a huge church).  And on the street corner, where in Britain we might find a small patch of grass, we have what you see in the photo.  Those plants in the foreground and over the sidestreet in the background are beans.  Two years ago they were growing chilis in the same spot.  This, as I say, is just at the side of the road.  I don’t know whether this is public land or somebody’s displaced garden but the sight of food crops being grown at the side of the road is something I would love to see more of where we live.

Anyway, there it is: it struck me when I first saw it in 2011 and is something that instantly endeared this country to me.  Make of it what you will…

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