WHAC 2013 – On our way

The British do many things well: village cricket; real ale in a country pub; Olympic cycling, rowing and sailing, even hosting the Olympics.  What we don’t appear to do well is airport lounges.  Claire and I are in the Servisair lounge at Heathrow, waiting for our 11 hour flight to Incheon and the 9th World Horseback Archery Championships.  This is one of the perks of our bank: free airport lounges.

The first time we availed ourselves of this facility was at Istanbul, where we relaxed with a variety of delicious Turkish food.  I was stuffed by the time we got on the plane, after about 8 helpings of a particularly nice dish of beans and chilies.  So here we are in London: salt and vinegar crisps, plastic cheddar cheese and crackers, dry pretzels and some almost fizzy pepsi.

On the plus side, in a few hours’ time we’ll be in Sokcho, with all the kimchi, jang and ssam we can eat, washed down with a medium sized bottle of soju.  Nom nom.  And, since we’re flying Asiana, we just might get Korean food on the flight…

I hope to be updating this blog daily or thereabouts during the holiday.  highlights of the trip are listed to include walking in the Seorak-san national park, the Champiopnships themselves, some chap giving an excellent talk on the history of horseback archery in Britain and a guided battlefield tour of the Imjin battlefield from award-winning author Andrew Salmon (whose book “To the Last Round” should be compulsory reading for all).  I’m unlikely to stay much on topic, as those who remember my blog from Jordan will remember.  On the plus side, I doubt that the Korean hotel will have such massive issues with the pool, so horseback archery might get a mention here and there.

And now I’m going to have one of the extremely bruised apples in this lounge and dream of raw fish and kimchi…

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