Rest Day

Today there was no competition. The majority of the group, including the British Team (me), went on a tour of the ruined Roman city at Jerash and the 12th century castle of Ajloun, with a splendid lunch at the Lebanese House restaurant, former diners including two kings of Jordan, Kofi Annan, the Top Gear team and Richard Gere. A few either stayed in the hotel or went elsewhere on their own.

This morning, as Facebook followers will know, I finally got to swim, after leaving the bar at 0130 and getting up at 0600. As a bonus we had been told we could swim when we got back as well. Here we are back, tired and dusty, and the pool is closed…

Last night was a good night. I had about a half hour drink and chat with Lajos Kassai, picking up some good hints and some insight into his way of thinking. Then the others joined us and the night passed in a blur of a few beers, a huge cigar (thanks to Daniel Griffin, who was celebrating an excellent result in the competition) and the usual mixture of archery talk and banter. We also looked at some of the 16Gb of photos I had taken. And I learned the correct manly way to open a Chinese fan, kindly given to me by the Chinese team, whom I don’t think I’ve mentioned before, but they comprise one who speaks pretty good English and one who speaks only a couple of words (such as “man” and “woman”, with demonstration of how each opens a fan). He is, along with Gourchani Ali of Iran and Lee Pan Gun of Korea, one of those rare men who can make you laugh just by his infectious good humour and a very expressive collection of signs, gestures and grimaces.

The thing I forgot to mention about the bar is that it has a very active salsa dance each night. We’ve not dared join in, but the combination of a salsa club in an African themed bar in Jordan only gets better when many of their songs are salsa versions of pop songs. Until you’ve seen 50 Middle Easterners salsa dancing to “Stand by Your Man”, you haven’t lived.

Not much to say about today other than that it was interesting and hot and that I look damned good in Arab headdress. Contemplating it for the journey home!

Shower now, then dinner. Who knows, I may even go to the bar…

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