Second day of competition

Just a fairly short post today because, in what is becoming quite a pattern, I’m off to the hotel bar.

Another disappointing day with the bow, mainly because the horse was so tired that I had to put all my energy into riding him forward and so my shooting suffered. Final position overall was something like 38th out of 43, with a combined score for the three events that I would usually achieve in just the Korean.

On the bright side, if you just look at the Jordanian style (bow and sword), I did comparatively well (easily top half, I think, but they haven’t published the results just for that, because it’s part of the Oriental style). Not many got the sword hit, much less twice. I take a perverse pleasure in the fact that if you just look at the Jordanian style, I beat Kassai! (For those who don’t know, Kassai is the man who reintroduced horseback archery into Europe after a break of several centuries, and is the closest the sport has to a living legend. And now I’m off to have a drink with him…)

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